Seriously, if you order from here, you better pray that nothing goes wrong with your order, or else you will be stuck dealing with the system forever.

So, what happened?

I ordered a huge order from them.

When I say huge, I mean the total came out to be $575 dollars worth of stuff huge. As you can probably assume, after making such an expensive order, I tracked my package furiously. I could not wait for my stuff to come. For some reason, it said that my package had gone to PA, while it was coming to VA from OH.

I thought, maybe UPS is just taking a detour. It stayed that way for about 3 days, so I thought the tracking was incorrect. Mind you, this was all 04-27-2013. Alright, so day my package is supposed to arrive, nothing.

I e-mailed WB. They said that I have to make a claim with UPS to put a tracer on my item. Sure, why not. I did so.

5 days later, someone from UPS calls stating that they can not put a tracer on my item unless the sender asks them to. Alright. Getting a bit aggrevated, but nothing I can't handle. E-mailed Warner brother.

Had to wait a week for a reply, and the reply said that they would talk to their surperviser about putting on a tracer. 2 weeks later, a call from UPS stating that they just got the request for a tracer earlier that day and was making sure I still hadn't received my package. They said the investigation would conclude that week. E-mailed Warner brothers.

No reply. It's been a month and a half since the post had lost my $575 item. No reply from ANYONE at Warner Brothers. I am here patiently fuming until tomorrow morning when I call in and make a fuss.

I mean, honestly.

A month and a half for a $575 shipment that obviously has not been found and not a word? Ppull yourself together Warner Brothers.

Monetary Loss: $575.

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