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Update: (1/7/12) still awaiting refund for returned merchandise. Got another email that said they were updating their site to make it more user friendly. Sure....

Original review posted by user Dec 08, 2011

I placed an online order with the WB store on 11/26/11 and a few days later received an email saying I still had items in my "cart" - indicating that the order had not gone through. This was the first communication I had regarding the order - no confirmation email like every other online company.

I followed the link to my cart and, sure enough, there were the items I thought I had ordered! I had decided to delete on of the items and then send the order through, but for some reason I had trouble entering my card information. After several tries, I was able to get the correct info entered and clicked "place order." Error message. I tried again with another card - same result.

I finally called customer service and they immediately said it was my card (no issues with site, they said...). Since my card had worked just fine elsewhere and I knew it was no where near maxed out, I decided they were giving me the brush off and tole them I was canceling the entire order. I was able to empty the cart and thought the matter was closed. A few days later, all the items showed up at my door - including the item I no longer wanted.

I also sent them a scathing email through their own site and I now have to navigate their return system (at my OWN expense for THEIR mistake), hoping they refund me my money. If you must buy Warner Brother products, use local retailers or Amazon - avoid their online store!

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Not saying this didn't happen and that this customer is exaggerating or anything but just wanted to note on my experience that I just ordered 2 movies, got the wrong movies and got told to keep my "mistake" dvd's and that they are now shipping out the correct ones- yeah they messed up but at least they are making up for it :)


I got a reply to a scathing email i sent through their online system. It said, "Sorry you are returning the merchandise." THAT'S IT!

No apology - nothing! DO NOT USE THE WB ONLINE STORE!

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